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Milpitas (CA) Roof Repair and Installation Services

Yellow HouseMilpitas Roofing is a full-service roofing company servicing the communities of Milpitas, Santa Clara and San Jose. Our services include roofing repair, new roofs for construction projects and additions, and replacement roofing for existing residential and commercial buildings. In addition to standard shingle roofs, we also repair and install slate, wood shake, metal, tile, and single ply roofs.

Environmental or "Green" roofing is available upon request. Green roofing options currently available are PV Roofing and Reflective Roofing. If you're looking for Vegetative Roofing or other creative options, please schedule an appointment for a time when we can sit down and go over what exactly you're looking for. The technology is available and our roofers know how to use it.  

Milpitas roofers offer inspection and maintenance programs for your roof and drainage systems. We'll evaluate the original construction and make any changes necessary to improve run-off from the roof or eliminate pooling on the ground. If there are any interior leaks we will find out where the problem is on the outside and correct it. A flashing and drain spout inspection will also be included as part of our initial evaluation. If you have heavy foliage or fauna around your home and a consistent problem with clogged gutters and drains, we offer regular maintenance plans.

As a local contracting company providing a service to our community, we are licensed and insured to Gutterhandle any job large or small. All employees have been screened for criminal histories and tested regularly for drug use. We demand a clean and professional look and attitude from all employees at all times, something you as a customer deserve and should expect from all service providers. References from former clients are available upon request and estimates on new work are always free of charge.  

Types Milpitas Roofs:

Gable RoofHip Roofinterseting roofshed RoofMansard Roof